Company News

Covid-19 Statement

March 2020

Whippendell Marine is taking all the measures necessary to protect our employees, customers and suppliers during this difficult period.

At present we do not have any cases or suspected cases, but we are acutely aware that this is unlikely to last indefinitely.

We are implementing measures to reduce the risks as far as possible, but also developing contingency plans. As a defence industry manufacturer we need to keep our production facilities running on site, along with the required support services.

We are however implementing a number of changes, as follows:

  • All non-essential staff and “at risk” staff are working from home. This includes Administration, Finance and Engineering staff with a skeleton onsite presence of the Senior Engineer and the Key Accounts Manager. We have proven systems in place to allow this.
  • The Managing Director will continue to operate onsite.
  • All face to face meetings have been cancelled, both on our site and at customer / supplier sites. No staff will be attending exhibitions, conferences etc.
  • We have added additional technology to allow video calls from the production team to engineers and are increasing the use of Microsoft Teams, video and telephone conference calling.
  • Manufacturing will continue and staff will be working at a safe distance from each other under onsite direction from the Operations Director.
  • All measures to minimise risk (such as distancing, hand washing, cleaning of surfaces) will be rigorously applied, as well as staggering all breaks to reduce the number of people in close proximity in the canteen.
  • The senior Management will all meet, through video link, at least once weekly to monitor the situation.
  • In situations where customers can not receive deliveries we shall store on site until the delivery can be made.


David Swabey

Managing Director

24th March 2020